Much like Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference, Sony catered to game announcements with their event, leaving demos for the show floor. Sony focused solely on content available to the PS4 with their E3 showcase, emphasizing console exclusives and games for its hardcore market.

Even though there wasn’t as much content as Microsoft’s event, there’s still a lot to dissect. Luckily we’ve got you covered, and we have the four biggest announcements from Sony’s conference.

Monster Hunter makes its triumphant return to home consoles

Monster Hunter returns to consoles with Capcom’s latest release: Monster Hunter: World. The game harnesses the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to give the series a high-definition facelift.

Monster Hunter: World leverages the power of new consoles to bring a seamless gaming experience, allowing for gamers to transition between areas without any loading. But even though the series is getting a modern overhaul, the same incredible gameplay is expected, and players will be able to join up to three of their friends online in early 2018.

Shadow of the Colossus brings giant monsters to current generation consoles

Keeping the trend of breathtaking combat experiences, Shadow of the Colossus was also announced alongside Monster Hunter. Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStation 4 is a remaster of the original PlayStation 2 release.

By the looks of the first trailer, the game is expected to have the classic David vs. Goliath feel, as players are pitted against giant beasts in a beautiful artistic combat scenario.

Keep your eyes open for more content about Shadow of the Colossus in the near future.

Plenty of content coming to beloved exclusive games

When the logo for Guerrilla Games came on during the 2017 E3 press conference, we half-expected a new Killzone title. But that wasn’t the case.

Instead, Guerrilla gave us the gift of more content for Horizon: Zero Dawn. Horizon was one of Sony’s biggest releases to showcase the power of the PlayStation 4 and with good reason: the game is absolutely fantastic.

But that wasn’t the only surprise Sony had in store, as the company spoke on other titles, such as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, and even some VR content.

Insomniac’s Spiderman is shaping up to be the best superhero game around

Sony and Spiderman have always had a good relationship, as the Spiderman series of films have always been a successful investment for the company. But Spiderman games have always been lacking — until now.

Insomniac is finally ready to showcase its first foray into the superhero universe with the world, and it looks absolutely stunning. The transition from cutscenes to close-quarters combat to open world exploration is beautiful, and the game looks like it will have the support of a fantastic, original story.

We’ve never had much to complain about with Insomniac, and it looks like that will remain true with Spiderman. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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