The Punisher is set to captivate comic book audiences this week. But Netflix is already looking at its next big release: season two of The Crown. The Crown is a fantastic dramatic telling of the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s monarchy.

And to tide viewers over, Netflix has graced us with a new featurette. Evolution of The Crown shows how the cast and crew are tackling the next stage in the Queen’s life.

Season two picks up after the events of the first season—which saw Elizabeth lead her nation into the post-War world. But season two looks at doubling down on the tension to show how she adapts to a rapidly changing world.

Full of drama

The Crown’s dramatic storytelling is obviously its biggest strength. Season one was exciting because its narrative was intense. Elizabeth had a lot to prove as a young woman leading a powerful nation, and the content held up to this challenge.

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But somehow, the new featurette—along with its accompanying trailer—looks infinitely more dramatic. This is incredible exciting because it doesn’t seem like they’re overdoing it.

The 60s shouldn’t be a lovely time. The world was redefining itself, and we’re excited to see how that plays out. The Crown returns to Netflix on Friday, December 8. We’re be sure to cover it upon its release.


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