Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled its next addition to its hit first-person shooter, Overwatch, with a new update to the game’s Public Test Realm. Players looking to gain an edge over their competition can play the Doomfist right now by downloading the update on the Blizzard client.

According to Blizzard, Doomfist is a highly-mobile offensive type hero that uses his augmented hand to take down his opponents. Doomfist’s moves focus around ability to deal ranged damage through his Hand Cannon and using his augment to deal physical damage to send players flying.

While things could change between now and the time that the patch goes live to the official server, the PTR’s version of Overwatch’s patches are typically what people see in the final game. If you’re looking to maintain the edge on your opponents and have some extra space on your hard drive, check out Doomfist today.

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