Ubisoft decided to start its E3 press conference off with a bang by announcing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. Exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, the game features all of the classic characters from the Super Mario franchise we’ve all come to know and love teaming up with Raving Rabbids best known from their appearances in the Rayman series. After a series of leaks earlier this year, fan’s speculation was finally proven true.

The game runs as an RPG with turn-based battle elements, giving each character possessing a unique set of abilities. The rabbids donned different costumes based on some of the Mario characters, adding to the game’s carefree nature. Despite its cheery style of art, the game requires a level of strategy and planning if one is to be successful.

“You mix and match attack options, but we also have rabbit pipes that let you flank the enemy,” said Ubisoft’s representative during the press conference. “You’ll be able to use different types of characters and weapons to battle your way through the kingdom.”

Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will be available for the Nintendo Switch on Aug. 29, so stay tuned here for more information and gameplay footage.

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