Heroes of the Storm’s latest patch is finally out of the Public Test Realm and ready to hit the battlefield in more ways than one.

The patch adds Overwatch’s D. Va to the official roster of Heroes of the Storm and also refreshes map rotations to make the long ranked seasons a bit more enjoyable for dedicated players.

The available battlefields has been increased to nine from six, and Blizzard is looking to refresh the list three times per Ranked Season. The company has also made it easier to adjust on the fly, so if gamers ask for more, chances are they’ll get it.

With the addition of a new hero, one can always expect Blizzard to change the way existing heroes are played. Blizzard has modified the playstyle of four heroes with patch 25.4, and a full list of changes can be viewed on their website.

Fans should expect to update to the latest patch and to see a new weekly challenge for bonus goodies in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm the next time they log into the game.

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