Final Fantasy XII is one of the series’ low-flying titles. When people think of Final Fantasy they don’t always think of Final Fantasy XII as a top title. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age for the PlayStation 4 looks to change that while simultaneously celebrating Square Enix’s 30-year franchise.

Final Fantasy XII has always seemed a bit mysterious or exotic because of its ability to take the main franchise into the world of Ivalice, most commonly associated with the Final Fantasy Tactics series of games. The races and setting have always appealed to fans of those games, but is easily overlooked to those unfamiliar with Tactics.

Gamers can expect new features, such as the Zodiac Job System and tweaks to make the gameplay a bit less grindy, but how does the game actually play? New features sound great, but if the port is bad, what’s the point?

The good news is that Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has received a lot of praise based on initial reviews. Reviewers are writing that the game has aged well, and the new features make the game a lot more accessible to new audiences who might be unfamiliar with traditional JRPGs.

We’ve searched the depths of the web and pulled up five reviews to check out while we gather our thoughts for our own impression of the game.

Venture Beat: 93/100

Venture Beat’s Mike Minotti praises the game for its ability to remain true to its roots while making it a bit more accessible to the current generation. Minotti says the game feels a bit cramped, because of its 2006 origins, but its strengths overshadow its closed-world feel.

Destructoid: 8/10

Destructoid’s Chris Carter writes that the game is worth your time and cash, despite a few speed bumps early into the game. Carter’s biggest complaint is that its initial characters seem a bit dull, but the friends you’ll make in the late-game provide much more depth.

Polygon: 8.5/10

Whitney Reynolds reviewed Final Fantasy XII for Polygon as a long-time fan of the game. With more than 300 hours into the first title, Reynolds says she anticipates the changes are enough to justify another 300 hours of investment.

GameSpot: 9/10

IGN’s Heidi Kemps says the initial Final Fantasy XII was a great game that came out at the wrong time because it was at the end of the PlayStation 2’s hardware cycle. Kemps says Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age shows its age well and offers something for first-timers and series veterans something to be excited about.

Overall the game has received decent reception, as Metacritic is scoring the game at an admirable 87 right now. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is out for PlayStation 4 today.

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