Whether you’re trying to live at the top of the trend, or you’re looking for a fashionable item to go with your autumn outfits, these are our top five gadgets that will make an impact this fall.

Motorola Moto 360


Unveiled in March 2014 as a launch device for Google’s wearable operating system, Android Wear, the Moto 360 is officially pegged as a “summer release.” The device is the sleekest attempt at a smart watch that we’ve seen yet, and a solid release date is expected to be unveiled at an event early next month.

Unlike other devices on the market, Motorola has taken a conventional approach to the 360’s design, so that it feels and looks like a watch. This conventional approach is what appeals the most to the smart watch, but it’s also just the tip of the iceberg.

Like the Nexus lineup of phones, the Moto 360 will contain Google Now integration, so that wearers can simply say “OK Google” and activate voice controls to check email, respond to text messages and even get GPS directions to the nearest coffee shop.

Image courtesy of Motorola

Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Dubbed the “tablet that can replace your laptop” the Surface Pro 3 is the talk of the business world, but it doesn’t stop there. With its diverse lineup of Intel processors, along with its integration with Adobe software, the Surface Pro 3 has the potential to change the way artists create content.

With the 2014 edition of Adobe Photoshop CC, the popular image editing application now supports the advanced stylus found on the Surface Pro 3, which allows artists to write on the screen with incredible precision.

Photoshop is developed to take advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the stylus, which allows for life-like painting. The app also contains tweaks that can only be found on touchscreen devices, to make it more user friendly if you’re working with your fingers.

Top it off with the sleek design of the Surface Pro 3, and the device becomes a must have for business users and creative types – along with everything in between – looking for a device that can keep up with their busy life, and make them look good at the same time.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

Samsung Galaxy S5

SM-G900F_shimmery WHITE_02

The Galaxy line of phones has always been the smartphone of choice for those trying to rebel against “iPhone fanboys,” and the Galaxy S5 is no exception to that rule. However, the Samsung phones have grown to be more than just an iPhone replacement, and the Galaxy S5 is sleek inside and out.

The new and improved TouchWiz variation of Android KitKat is breathtakingly beautiful with its eye-popping colours, and its simplicity throughout the device. The hardware itself is a perfect size for a phone, and feels a lot less plastic-y than other Android phones on the market.

The 16-megapixel camera is packed full of features that will improve the users selfie game. For those looking to try out a wearable device, the Galaxy S5 is compatible with all of the Galaxy Gear smart-watches.

The Galaxy S5 is also water resistant in a meter of water for 30 minutes, and contains features like a calorie tracker, heart rate sensor and other health-focused utilities that help users keep an eye on their health during their day-to-day lives. Overall, the Galaxy S5 is everything an Android phone should be.

Image courtesy of Samsung

15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Although the Surface Pro 3 makes a huge impact on professionals on the go, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display takes power users to a whole new level. With its large-capacity solid-state drive and the power of OSX Mavericks, the MacBook Pro is always there when it’s needed. Even if it’s powered off.

Plus, with its top-notch support for a dynamic range of professional applications – everything from Photoshop to Microsoft Office to Hollywood certified video applications like Final Cut Pro X and the Foundry’s Nuke – the Mac operating system is a no-brainer for those trying to get the most efficiency and practical use out of their computer.

At the University level, users will find themselves the envy of their classmates with a sleek MacBook Pro, as the minimalist design of the MacBook Pro can make all walks of students jealous. Think of the last time you walked onto campus and didn’t see somebody working on a MacBook.

Can’t do it? That’s what we thought.

Image courtesy of Apple

Next Generation iPhone


It’s hard to imagine people not getting excited about a new iPhone. Since its initial release, the iPhone has maintained massive release after massive released. Even though it hasn’t officially been announced yet, the next iPhone is at the top of our list of must-have gadgets this fall.

While there is no official word on what features and upgrades will be included in the next iPhone, it is expected that there will be two models released: one with a 5.5-inch screen and another with a 4.7-inch screen.

Recently this rumour has gained additional traction, as Thai officials announced their approval for two iPhone models to be released in the near future. Although it still has to be confirmed by Apple, we’re excited to see some variation in the iPhone market and we are confident that the new iPhone – whatever it may contain – will be the envy of other smartphones when it finally gets released.

Image of iPhone 5S courtesy of Apple

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