Taking the perfect selfie can sometimes be a hassle, but the good people over at DJI look to help the cause by introducing the brand new Spark drone. Perfect for capturing moments that breaking out a camera is impossible or not the best idea, the DJI Spark allows users not only take it with them wherever they go, but will also get to experience true hand-free control.

Once release from one’s hand, the DJI Drone enters gesture mode. That’s right, you’ll be able to tell the drone to duck, dip, dive and turn with a simple series of hand movements. Even advanced controls like telling the drone to recall will all be done through user’s hand movements.

“Controlling a camera drone with hand movements alone is a major step towards making aerial technology an intuitive part of everyone’s daily life, from work and adventure to moments with friends and family,” said Senior Product Manager, Paul Pan, in a written statement from DJI. “Spark’s revolutionary new interface lets you effortlessly extend your point of view to the air, making it easier than ever to capture and share the world from new perspectives.”

In addition to hand gestures, the DJI Spark can be controlled through the DJI companion app that allows users to draw custom routs on a map for the drone to follow, while keeping the camera focused on the subject. The app also allows for TapFly, a feature DJI has been using for a while, to tell the drone to go to a certain location.

The DJI Spark combines the best specifications features we’ve seen on the commercial drone market and combined them with technology that allows the drone to take up as little space as possible. Coming in at 10.6 ounces, the DJI Spark is something you can take just about anywhere and not worry about packing too much. While some of the size was sacrificed compared to other drones, the DJI Spark comes equipped with everything needed to get the job done. The Spark comes built with a camera with a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor that’s capable of capturing 12 megapixel pictures. The camera’s video features allows for 1080p video recording that comes housed in a built-in gimbal that allows for stabilizing drone footage. Capable of taking to the sky for 16 minute flight sessions, the DJI Spark is built with a high-density LiPo battery, sacrificing total flight time for size and weight.

Starting at $499 USD, the DJI Spark will be availible through the DJI online store.


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