Capcom has blessed gamers with a deep look into the mechanics of Monster Hunter: World thanks to the latest gameplay trailer for the franchise’s return to the big consoles.

The uncut gamplay video takes viewers on a quest to explore the game’s first big location, Ancient Forest, and take down the game’s newest monster: Anjanath.

A representative for Capcom says the latest video looks to showcase the survival mechanics of Monster Hunter: World, such as the slinger and Scoutfly to aid hunts.

“By using these skills to their advantage hunters can lure monsters into traps and even pit them against each other in an epic fierce battle,” Capcom says. “Can our hunter successfully survive the fight and slay the Anjanath? He’ll need to select his weapon choice carefully from 14 different weapon classes and think strategically about how to take the giant foe down.”

The 22-minute video can be viewed below, and gamers can get their hands on Monster Hunter: World when it releases globally in early 2018 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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