Looks like Destiny enthusiasts with either an Xbox One or PC can let out a sigh of relief after game developers Bungie announced that every piece of DLC will be available on every platform after a small amount of time. Announced via director Luke Smith’s Twitter, every single gun, map and other in-game goodies will be at the disposal for every single player, just not right away.

Taking up a large part of Sony’s E3 press conference, the brand was very resilient on pushing Destiny 2. The company highlighted some of the DLC that would be added onto the game, not making it clear at the time whether Xbox or PC owners would be receiving the extra goodies.

Set to release on Sept. 6 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and on the PC Oct. 24 of this year, owners of a PlayStation 4 will get all the cool swag a little bit earlier with the competition. This isn’t anything new, as games like Call of Duty do this all the time with its map packs and campaigns. Luckily for competitive Destiny players, there won’t be any cross-platform gameplay, meaning no player will have a competitive advantage over another based on the platform.

If you’re itching to get your Destiny on, be sure to keep an eye out for the Open Beta set to open on July 21. To sign up, pre-order a copy of the game for yourself and access the Beta client here.

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