Just days after WWDC 2017, Apple continues to drop new goodies for consumers with the announcement that the company will be doubling the amount of cloud storage offered through iCloud without raising the prices. For only $9.99USD a month, Apple will give you 2TB of cloud storage, perfect for storing pictures, videos, songs and just about anything you want to hold on to, but can’t keep on your phone for storage reasons. The service also works with any Apple products, including the iPad, Macbook and whoever still uses the iPod Touch in 2017. The price drops is really only impacting the high-tier package, meaning if you don’t necessarily need 2TB of storage, you can still buy 50GB of cloud storage for $0.99USD a month or 200gb for $3.99USD a month.

If you’re still on the fence about iCloud, Apple offers up to 5GB of storage for no cost, allowing customers to experiment and test out the service for free. Apple has been offering the cloud storage system since 2011 and has been improving the product ever since.

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