Notice aims to create strong relationships with its readers by telling witty stories about fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle trends in snack-sized stories that can be read and shared with ease.

Vision Statement

News production is in the midst of an ongoing revolution. No longer do a handful of gatekeepers control what people see and read. The Internet has upset the apple cart. Journalism has been democratized in many respects. The public has more options than ever before when it comes to news. Despite that, news has for the most remained a third person, voice-from-on-high affair.  Notice thinks differently.

Rather than separate journalists from stories, Notice seeks to integrate them. Notice’s journalists have unique ideas, opinions and insights about the news they cover that add value to the stories they write. That’s why Notice contributors are active in the stories they report on.

Notice differentiates itself from other online news magazines through its use of first person, succinct storytelling infused with a touch of irreverence and a lot of personality. All of these factors combine to create unified vision for Notice: journalists should connect with audiences in a personal way.

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