NBA LIVE 18 looks to make an impact when it drops on Sept. 15. Electronic Arts recently announced that the game would include WNBA teams alongside its NBA all-stars. Photo courtesy Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has announced a franchise-first demo for NBA LIVE 18, hitting PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow, Aug. 11. The demo showcases The Rise, the prologue section for the game’s upcoming story mode: The One.

Electronic Arts calls The One “an all-new way to pursue your legacy, centered on the play and defined by your choices.” Progress made in the demo can be loaded into the full game, so players can continue from where they left off when the game drops on Sept. 15.

NBA LIVE has been the victim of countless delays, but EA is looking to make up any issues with its fans by providing a game with a lot of content and replay value, and the demo will attempt to win over fans of the series and newcomers alike.

We’ll see how that attempt stacks up in reality when the demo drops tomorrow.

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