After two weeks of speculation, Blizzard has finally shared its latest addition to Heroes of the Storm with the world through a brand-new gameplay trailer.

While fans have known about D. Va’s arrival to the Nexus, this is the first time Blizzard is talking about D. Va’s changes from her Overwatch counterpart.

The biggest change coming into Heroes of the Storm is D. Va’s ultimate abilities. Unlike Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm is giving D. Va two abilities to choose from, and opting to let gamers activate her Overwatch ultimate as a regular move in her toolkit.

D. Va’s self-destruct ability is charged up and activated with E by default, allowing gamers use all her Overwatch abilities regardless of play style. When players hit level 10, they’ll have the choice between two new ultimate abilities built specifically for Heroes of the Storm.

The biggest challenge for D. Va players in Heroes of the Storm comes from her ability to swap between mech mode and pilot mode. In mech mode, D. Va is a damage-absorbing powerhouse with a complete skillset, but in pilot mode, D. Va can rain down the damage by sacrificing her protection.

This forces players to find a balance between mech and pilot mode, and should make D. Va an difficult character to master.

D. Va’s addition to Heroes of the Storm comes fresh off of its massive Overwatch-themed update, which introduced Loot Chests, a new battleground, and other Overwatch heroes.

With D. Va’s entering the Nexus, gamers have a total of five Overwatch heroes to choose from, meaning they can finally run a full Overwatch squad.

Check out what to expect from D. Va in the video below, and start playing D. Va today through the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm.

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