After the last two films from the DC Extended Universe failed to impress critics, movie goers who were lucky enough to see the new Wonder Woman were blown away. At the time of publication, Wonder Woman is scoring an impressive 97 per cent on the review aggregating website, making it the highest debut for any super hero movie ever. That’s right, higher than any of the Dark Knight film or anything from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

This bodes really well for DC Entertainment, as their last two large-budget films didn’t do so well with critics. In the past, die-hard DC Universe fans have been upset with how critics received films based on the super heroes they loved, even as far as to start a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, claiming the site negatively reviews DC films on purpose to keep people from seeing them. All this started after Suicide Squad received a score of 34 per cent and Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice clocked in at 27 per cent. Despite this, it looks like the Wonder Woman is going to be a film that both DC fans and critics can both agree on. Be sure to catch Wonder Woman in theaters starting on June 2.


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