Tips for Beautiful Skin

Our skin is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. The amount of exercise we get, hours of sleep, the nutrients we eat (or don’t), have a direct relation on our bodies, how it functions –and our skin. Achieving beautiful skin is therefore, a personal commitment to a lifestyle of doing what’s best for you.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet

Strive to regularly eat foods from all of the food groups and include a wide variety of fruits & vegetables ranging in color. By offering your body an array of nutrients, you’ll be supporting the formation and maintenance of healthy skin. Antioxidants in particular are amazing; they help prevent and repair the skin, by slowing down and even preventing the effect of free radicals that are harmful to the body. High levels of antioxidants are found in berries, red beans, kale and artichoke hearts. For many, this might be hard to do but… Do not smoke and avoid excess caffeine and alcohol; these will dehydrate your skin and promote premature aging.

Work up a sweat

Exercise increases blood circulation and the delivery of nutrients to skin cells. Besides lowering your stress levels -which also contribute to dull & tired skin- regularly exercising helps clean away toxins and gives skin the optimum conditions for making collagen.

Water, Aqua, H2o

The body is made up of approximately 90% of water, and literally as you breath, you’re losing some of it. We must therefore continuously drink water to maintain hydration and prevent dehydration. When you do not get enough water, your skin will begin to look rough, tired, and dull. Another huge benefit from plenty of aqua is that it rinses the unwanted toxins from the body.

Cleanse, Soften, Moisturize

Everyday, no matter what skin-type you have. Cleansing will purify and prevent premature aging; softening will help restore your skins natural ph-balance and increase the skin’s absorption power, while moisturizing will protect and revitalize the skin. Determine your skin type before finding the suitable products for your face and regularly evaluate your skin; it will change, along with the product type that best suits it.
Exfoliate. As we get older the production of new skin cells diminishes. By exfoliating weekly, we help with this process by buffing away dead cells leaving skin more radiant, smooth, & blackhead free.
Protect. Never leave your house without protecting your skin & do not visit tanning salons. If you can’t stand the thought of being fair in the summer, slather some self tanner on. UVA and UVB rays are the most harmful to your skin and responsible for pre-mature aging. Be conscious of how you are taking care of your body. Take the time to exercise, eat healthy, limit your stress levels, & drink as much water as your can – really give yourself that extra TLC. The benefits will become apparent through not only a more youthful looking skin, but a clearer mind, and a more vibrant self.

Written by Krista Ho Lem // Professional Makeup Artist

Edited by Jesse Yardley

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