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marketing and business books

These business and marketing books should be on your bookshelf

Story by Ernest Barbaric. Over the past decade I read hundreds of business and marketing books. Some were useful, some rehashed the same old tired advice, and others…

5 months ago | Comments

Looking for love in all the right places

Story By Tyler Klinkhammer Joanna Coates’ directorial debut Hide and Seek is a beautiful, fresh and sometimes beguiling look at modern relationships, love and sex in a broader…

3 years ago | Comments

Review: Project-M (CIFF 2014)

Review Written by Joshua Aube Project-M had its world premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival… sort of. This is the first time the director’s preferred cut of…

3 years ago | Comments

Local festival brings back return of legendary Alberta band, the smalls

Story by Mary McComish X-Fest has always been my favourite event of the summer. You, your friends, the outdoors and two full days of music: what could be a…

3 years ago | Comments

Local band paves way for Calgary music scene

Story and Photos by Mary McComish I know talent when I see it and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for White Chocolate…

3 years ago | Comments

Take a walk through time in London, England

Story and Photos by Cheyanne Murray It was my first trip alone, and in the first night I found myself in a Lord’s house. At least that’s what…

3 years ago | Comments

Tips for Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin. Beautiful Self.

Our skin is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. The amount of exercise we get, hours of sleep, the nutrients we eat (or don’t), have a direct…

3 years ago | Comments