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Does Notice take money or gifts from companies to review their products?

No. It is unethical for journalists to take money or gifts in exchange for favourable reviews of products or services. On occasion, Notice may be given products to review, but these are always returned once the reviews are completed. From time to time Notice may publish sponsored stories called advertorials. Whenever this is done, advertorials are clearly marked as an advertisement so as not to confuse readers into thinking they are reading an editorial.

Does the opinion of a contributor reflect the opinion of Notice?

No. The opinions of Notice contributors are their own. However, Notice allows our contributors to voice their opinions freely. That is one of the ways in which Notice is unique. Therefore any opinions expressed in written or visual form are solely the opinions of the contributor.

What is the target audience?

Notice is designed to appeal to readers 18-40 who are interested in fashion, music, food, entertainment, travel, art and design.


How do I become a Notice contributor?

The first step is to email your resume along with a cover letter explaining why you want to become a contributor. It’s a good idea to review previous stories published by Notice and to understand the basic mission and vision before applying.  If you have the requisite skills and experience, you will be asked to propose a story idea or select an idea provided to you by Notice in order to develop a draft. An editor will contact you to develop the idea before you begin writing. Finally, you will submit a workable draft of your story. If it meets pre-determined criteria it will be edited and published.

Is there a checklist detailing exactly what Notice expects in a story submission?

Yes. Notice will provide contributors with a list of criteria that must be met before a story can be published. Contributors are also supplied with an informational PDF, which provides guidance on issues such as target audience, story topics, contributor benefits and editorial voice.

How are Notice contributors compensated?

The majority of Notice contributors are volunteers who are seeking to gain experience and build their reputations as journalists. In special cases Notice will pay contributors for their submissions. Notice evaluates each contributor on a case-by-case basis. Depending on your level of skill and experience, you may be awarded fixed amount per story ($25), or a per word rate (10 cents per word).

Can I publish my stories elsewhere?

Not usually. Notice seeks to publish unique and exclusive content. Once a story is submitted to Notice, and subsequently published, it becomes the property of Notice and should not be published elsewhere without written permission by Notice Publications. Exceptions are made for online portfolios and resumes. Writers and photographers maintain copyright to their work, therefore Notice may not alter the finished product without permission by the contributor.


Does Notice accept advertorial content?

Yes. From time to time, Notice will publish advertising content. When this is done, it is clearly marked as an advertisement. Advertisers who are interested in publishing ads on Notice are encouraged to contact our ad department at:

Does Notice accept press releases?

Any stories that benefit the interests of our audience will be considered for publication. Press releases can be submitted to:


If I see something wrong with the website, how do I report it?

The easiest way to report a bug, or to request an enhancement, is to contact us. This option is a direct line to our technical administrator who will work towards fixing the bug. Make sure you use a valid email address if you expect to get a follow-up response.