Connecting Canada to World Trends

Notice is a Canadian online publication based out of Calgary, Alberta. Founded in 2014 by Jesse Yardley and Brett Luft, Notice has assembled a team of talented contributors who are passionate about fashion, travel, food, music, entertainment, art and design. Notice connects local and international trends to unique Canadian tastes and attitudes in easy-to-digest articles.

First Person Journalism

What makes Notice a unique provider of lifestyle news is its approach to storytelling, which seeks to reintegrate the journalist into the story.  Typical news reporting seeks to separate the journalist from the story. There are good reasons to do so when it comes to objective reporting on important issues such as politics, foreign affairs and crime. But Notice makes news consume for dessert, not for dinner. More crème brulee, less broccoli.

Also, Notice is first person journalism. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a Notice story to be about the journalist! That’s because when it comes to lifestyle news, the journalist must live the life to know the life. By doing so, Notice puts the reader right there with the journalist, in the heart of the story.

Serving the Readers

Notice seeks to tell stories that are a service to its readers. The goal is to help readers stay current on the latest trends and developments. More importantly, the stories and articles on this website provide readers path to participation be bringing the best of what Calgary has to offer right to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Seriously Not Serious

Despite all that seriously wordy prose you just read above – did you really just read all that!? – Notice doesn’t take itself too seriously. What it really comes down to is having fun and looking good doing it.