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Trend: Pointy Toe Stiletto Pumps

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Pump up your shoe collection with these killer stilettos by Nine West

Jesse Yardley

By Jesse Yardley

Women's Shoes CalgaryNine West: Capricious. $125.00


Women's Shoes CalgaryNine West: Martina. $120.00


Women's Shoes CalgaryNine West: Kimery. $130.00


Women's Shoes CalgaryNine West: Corsette. $125.00


Women's Shoes CalgaryNine West: Kinsley. $130.00

As every woman knows, the stiletto is timeless, sexy and the epitome of femininity. You can never have too many pairs! A taller heel tends to elongate the look of the leg, but if you’re not a fan of the very high heel, you can opt for something with a slightly shorter heel. I recommend starting with the basics like the Corsettes seen above. Then, spice up your shoe collection with interesting patterns and colours. Brightly patterned designs like the the Kinsley pumps (bottom) can be paired with light coloured skirts or shorts for a whimsical look. Be careful not to select clashing patterns! A busy shoe can be offset with solid colours up top. Animal prints can also add some flare to your outfits. The Martina and Kimery are sexy, while refined.

When selecting a shoe, look at the design of the heel as well as the length. A curving heel that’s inset towards the inside of the shoe (Kinsley, Kimery, Martina) tends to make the foot appear shorter. A heel that extends to the edge of the shoe (Corsette, Capricious) gives the impression of a longer foot. Shorter heels with inset designs tend to be more stable as well.

Buying Tip: At the time of this writing, the styles above were available at Nine West stores across Calgary.